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VAT Document Targeting

For many clients, specialized VAT document targeting procedures are developed and improved to identify all VAT charges flowing through corporate data systems on a regular basis. Information sources include corporate credit card data available on-line or electronically, and easy-to-generate reports from the various T&E, accounting and ERP platforms. These special document targeting methods identify and capture significantly more VAT invoices than any “catch during processing” method of selecting VAT documents. Special document targeting procedures, generating Targeted Document Lists sorted to match the specific filing system, eliminate cumbersome document searches and are almost always appropriate for annual VAT volumes exceeding $10,000.

VATAmerica, LP is a New Jersey limited partnership organized in 1993. VATAmerica, LP is the sole member of a single-member limited liability company called CB VATAmerica LLC. VATAmerica, LP contracts for certain services of Taxback International, Ltd., a member of the Taxback Group based in Kilkenny, Ireland, but VATAmerica, LP is solely responsible for the performance of professional services which it provides in accordance with engagement agreements between the respective client and either VATAmerica, LP or CB VATAmerica LLC.

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