VATAmerica seeks to reduce costs for companies operating throughout Europe. We do this not only by reducing or eliminating our clients’ European tax costs through available VAT refunds and exemptions, but by also providing information helpful in making smart business decisions. Below are some links you may find useful.

General Overview

General Aviation Resources

VAT Charts

More information can be found on each European Union Member States’ tax website.

Technical Materials

  • Memorandum: Blocked VAT
  • EU VAT Directives
    • The Principal VAT Directive contains the overall EU VAT Rules that Member States are supposed to enact into their national legislations.
    • The 8th VAT Directive (now, 2008/9/EC) allows companies registered in the European Union to recover VAT on business expenditures throughout the EU.
    • The 13th VAT Directive allows companies located outside the EU to recover VAT on EU business expenditures from certain countries.
    • The EU Energy Tax Directive contains overall Customs legislation, to be enacted into the national legislations of Member States, governing excise taxes on energy products, including jet fuel (CN 2710 1921)


VAT Registration Numbers Validity

To verify the validity of a VAT number issued by any EU Member State, visit the VAT Information Exchange System (VIES) website.

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