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Essential Claims Processing

VATAmerica has combined with Taxback International (“TBI”), one of the world’s largest providers of VAT solutions, to create and process claims for VAT refund for VATAmerica’s clients. TBI employs approximately 100 professional staff at its headquarters facility in Kilkenny, Ireland, its processing offices in Varna, Bulgaria and various document processing offices throughout Europe. The result is seemless, transparent and simple. Elegant, really.

VATAmerica, LP is a New Jersey limited partnership organized in 1993. VATAmerica, LP is the sole member of a single-member limited liability company called CB VATAmerica LLC. VATAmerica, LP contracts for certain services of Taxback International, Ltd., a member of the Taxback Group based in Kilkenny, Ireland, but VATAmerica, LP is solely responsible for the performance of professional services which it provides in accordance with engagement agreements between the respective client and either VATAmerica, LP or CB VATAmerica LLC.

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